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Tina  I at sight of my Grandmothers birth home Drunconrath Ireland (2)
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2013-11-06 13.24.06
ireland 2
great wall of china
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china - Copy
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pisa - Copy
prague - Copy
london - Copy
queens day - Copy
stone henge - Copy
rome - Copy
san sebastion - Copy
san seba - Copy
china - Copy
colloseum - Copy
tower of london - Copy
themes - Copy
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venice - Copy

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Yesterday Tina & I drove Fred & Alison to the Air Port. As we sat there drinking coffee I asked them if they had booked their trip through CHT which they said they had, I then made a comment that you work very hard at you job,and that Jenny must be very pleased to have you there in the office.    We all agreed that you do put in a lot of effort and have a great and pleasant personality.  When I returned home I watched the little Video clip you sent to me from Ireland, and as the bloke in the clip said the feeling of being in the very same place where your loved ones once lived is a very special emotion.

     I just thought i would attach a photo of Tina and I in Ireland, almost 10 years ago ( A trip organised by Jenny. ) of the day we found the remains of the cottage where my Grandmother was born and spent the first 19 years of her life. I was given a piece of rock from the building which now sits in a glass case surrounded by such photos.  Any how Amber I just wanted to let you know that We do appreciate your effort and if all goes well with us by this time next year we should be talking to you about our next trip Warm Regards Kerry 

"Jenny and Amber found me a great deal and saved me money.... thankyou so much, I had a fantastic time" Kate NSW

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